Thursday, May 28, 2009 has been too long

hmmmmm...where do I start. It has been quite a while since I have blogged. Today I am going to make it short, sweet, and to the point.

A few updates...
I am no longer working at Mid State Motors after 4 wonderful years. I left there in December and it was really just time for me to "move my cheese". Now I am a floor manager at a Automax, and am liking it very much...well I was...just recently I found out that I am pregnant! For some reason because of that selling cars just doesn't seem that important to me...making money does, but i really just don't care. There, I said it, the words I have been trying to avoid now for over a month. It is hot, people are asses, and my boss is a jerk. I have aspired for a year or more now to be a stay at home mom, or even a work from home mom..and I am going to start working on that goal as soon as possible. The weird thing is , with Zak, I was the same way...I just stopped caring about selling car...I remember even saying at one point that I never want to sell cars ever again and that I HATE it..which are pretty strong words coming from me seeing that I have been so passionate about it for so long...but there is no passion like I get from being with my little man.

Zak is getting so big. He will be two in August which just seems crazy because I keep thinking "where did time go?" it just flewwwwwwww by. For his birthday we are going to get him a Lightning McQueen bed..a big boy bed. He will love that to death. I think for the theme for his party, though, we are going to go with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...he loves that show...and so do I..tee hee. He is so smart..he always pretty much knows what I am talking about even though he doesn't talk back. He tries and knows some words, but doesn't "talk"..I figure he will soon enough and probably wont shut up.

Trent is doing good...somewhat. I think he has been going through some tough times lately and has even mentioned to me a few times that he is depressed. We have been through hell and back over the past few months so his way of thinking is understandable. I just wish that I could do something to help. I have been trying to keep up on little things that make his day easier and make his happy like always making sure he has clean, pressed work shirts and shorts, i detailed his car the other day, making his favorite dinner, no nagging about him playing video games or coming to bed too late, paying the bills...and just little stuff here and just seems to make things flow a little better.

Me, I am doing good too. We moved and am now living in a nice little neighborhood. I love my little house, and am happy. My first thoughts when I found out that i was pregnant was "what? are we ready for this? can we afford this? am i going to lose my job?"..along with a million others. I have came to terms and am now pretty excited. I just wish it didn't take such a long time and make you fat...I know...that sounds horribly conceited but i have worked so hard just to get down to where i am now...i don't ever want to be as big as i got with Zakery I am keeping a close eye on all that situation. I dont care of it is a boy or a gorl, all I am praying for is a healthy baby and a easy pregnancy. Is that too much to ask? :)

well..when i said that i was going to make it short and sweet, i meant it *wink wink*. lol

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