Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Bet

As I have blogged about before..I am constantly stuggling with my weight. I was nice and thin before getting pregnant and now I just cant seem to get this weight a good pace. friend/co-worker decided to ligt a little flame under my @ss....he proposed a bet.Photobucket
Yesterday morning while sitting in my office, drinking my coffee, out of nowhere, Richard came in my office and said "I have a bet for you." Always intrigued by money I asked what the bet was all about. He told me that some years back he and a friend made a bet about who would lose the most weight in a week for $300!! He said that he won because he old ate apples for a week...that little stinker. I asked him what we were betting...he said "We're going to bet on who can lose the most weight..I think that will help ME and YOU..but I have a disadvantage because of the meds i am taking because they make me gain weight." Then he went on to tell me to come up with the terms of the bet and that he will go along with it. Thats my stinker!!
I know that this will help me to get moving and dropping some major pounds..I am very very money driven. I tried to get him to go by % of weight lost because he has a lot more weight to lose than I do, but being the old dog he is wasn't very interested...dern it! Not wanting to miss out on some extra cash I proposed the "rules" I came up with to him.
1. The bet will begin on Dec. 1 and end Jan. 1st
2. We will weigh in together at 9am on 12/1/2008.
3. We will weigh in together at 9am on 1/1/2009 (same scale) to determine the winner and award will be given at that time.
4. We will be going soley by pounds lost
5. Winner get $100!!

So...needless to say I am very excited. I think this is exactly what I need...and Richard needs it to. He is one of my favorite people in the world!! I will keep this post updated with how my progress is coming along!! Wish me Luck!!
Here we are..crazy picture of him, me and my other friend, Shannon :)


Nicknessaemma said...

He sounds like a very nice friend! Good luck with the bet! I hope you win=)

The Beard Family of 5 said...

Good luck Ashley! What a cool friend!!!